Saturday, 21 May 2011

How Goeth the Coop!!

So as you know we are currently building a chicken coop, well Farm Dad is. And it is slow going, as it is his project and he can only give occassional time to it.  However, he was able to make some major headway over the past couple of weeks, particularly yesterday and it is starting to look finished!!!

Eventually it will have a solid roof at the left hand end to give some protection from our hilltop weather to both the chickens and the chicken house.  But for the moment he is just going to cover the whole thing in chicken wire.  It is really looking so good and we are really looking forward to being able to get some chickens in it!!!


  1. So when are you gonna get your chickens? How many and what kind? Are you going to get rescue battery chickens after all?

    I'm sooo jealous!! I'd love to add a few hens to our menagerie of animals!!


  2. I can answer all those questions in a very unsatisfactory way!... Not sure, Don't know and Maybe!! At the moment we are trying to get the coop ready. We are going to a chicken sale this week so maybe if we see something we like....

  3. Looking good! Is the plan to keep them in the coup fulll time, or will they have space to wander? I only ask because that's the think stopping me getting any, we have room for a coup and run but not really a secure enough garden to ever let them roam free...

  4. This looks great...when are you getting your chickens and how many??


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