Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Almost a Veggie Plot

We have no vegetable garden at the moment, so we have settled for a few pots outside the house.  Our few pots have allowed us to grow peas, dwarf runner beans, yellow pepper, tomatoes (cherry and normal), strawberries and a cucumber vine.  Around the corner there is a rhubarb plant but it doesn't seem as happy this year as in previous years.  It really needs to be shifted into the ground out of its pot but until the veggie garden is up and running there's nowhere for it to go!

My mum started the cucumber off for us in her greenhouse but our brilliant summer here has meant its happy in its sink!  We have a plethora of baths and sinks that seem to breed around farmyards! In keeping with our new 'keep it green' attitude they are all earmarked for something, mostly planters, as modelled by our cucumber and pepper plant. 

One of the old feeders from the byre (our lovely builders managed to save three of the five) has become a great home for a small selection of herbs, just outside the back door. I'm always wishing I had fresh herbs for my cooking... well, now I have no excuse!


  1. I used to grow all my veggies in containers before I had my allotment, they seem to do well in them. I mean, just look at your cucumber, fantastic. I even grew sweetcorn in containers and they did really well.

  2. I used to do a lot of container growing before my allotment days. After getting my allotment the only thing i really kept in the garden was a nice size herb patch just outside the back door for ease and freshness when cooking!!


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