Friday, 22 August 2014

Paper-less Towels

I love trolling through blogs and my latest fetish is, obviously, green sites and those that are experimenting with greener lifestyles.  I found a fabulous ideas on one of my adventures and now can't for the life if me find the blog again to give some credit, I will as soon as I find it again! 

*UPDATE* Found it! It was part of one of my favourite cleaning blogs! Check out the original idea here! Clean Mama

It immediately struck home with me as I am a chronic paper towel addict, I use them for everything! And I mean everything!  So the idea of being able to cut down on not only the amount of rubbish I was producing in the paper towel department but also the amount we were spending buying them in the first place!

I've decided to take the challenge, not sure how I'm going to get on not being able to just grab, wipe and dispose but only time will tell. The general jist is to only use a couple of reusable towels a day for all your paper towel needs and wash them weekly.  I hit the shops at the weekend, well one shop, the pound shop.  No idea which one but I'm sure you've got an equivalent near you.  I got four packs of three baby wash cloths! So that's 12 cloths for £4. They are a perfect size and microfibre. Not sure this is the cheapest way of getting them but it can't be bad and I got some nice colours too.  I dug out an old glass jar, it had contained raisins, I won't describe the state of the raisins when I found them, cleaned it out and Ta-daaaa! I've put the jar on my work surface in replacement of the paper towel holder so it's easy to reach and banished the paper towels to the laundry room cupboard.
I figure there is a place for paper towels in my life but a limited place, special occasions.  At the moment I am enjoying (is that the right word?) using them, I hope the novelty doesn't wear off!

If you are looking for a way to get a little greener I definitely this is a great way to go about it, and save some money too! Particularly if you are as big a paper towel addict as me!

....had a headache all day... could this be paper towel withdrawal?


  1. What a brilliant plan, nice tip on where to purchase them,

    1. I was actual in there the week before and got a pack for our new baby. It was when I was looking at them after reading about paperless towels that I thought "I need more of these!"

  2. That's a good idea. They look much prettier in their jar too than a roll of paper towels.

    1. I'm hoping that sitting them out and the fact they look the part will motivate me!


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