Thursday, 21 January 2010

Making a Quilt - Part Three

Once the whole top of my quilt was made I pinned it to the padding for the inside and the backing (I have chosen a nice pinky purple with ducks on!!! Ahhhhh!!!!)
I then cut and created a nice long piece of fabric for the binding and set to work trying to sew it all together.

The bind is now sewn in place but it still needs to be sewn on the back, which I will have to do by hand.

After this I just have the quilting part to do. I intend to 'Stitch in the Ditch' around all of the little squares. I am not going to try anything fancy on this first quilt. Just want to get to grips with the basics! I am still not sure that the block fabric isn't a bit fussy but I think it is looking better than I imagined so I have decided not to dwell on it any longer!!

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  1. well it's certainly starting to look more like a quilt...I don't think the border is too fussy...I think it all ties in nicely. How thick will the quilt be when complete??

  2. Well, this is where my quilting knowledge is limited. I know I bought 6mm padding for the inside so I guess it will be that plus the front and back material!


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