Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mooing in the Night & Other Stories..

Quarter to eleven in the evening is not the normal time for cow herding but that is what we were doing. Driving home we spotted three calves making a hasty retreat up the road and back into the Dairy Farm opposite. After we parked the car, Farm Guy went over to investigate and found at least 10 calves randomly wandering around the yards and barns. The pen where they were supposed to be had been "cowed" and the gate stood slightly ajar.
We phoned the dairy owners, who live just down the road and soon we were joined and began the process of rounding up the calves. It was a one at a time job in the end as there were so many places that they could slip down between buildings (and they would if they could) but soon all were safely back in their pen. Well, I say all, but two had managed to squeeze in amongst the older calves so we decided to leave them until the morning.
I love cows. Many people think of them as 'dumb ol' critters' but they are in fact so intelligent and curious. I love it when you approach a field of young calves, only recently away from their mother, and they crane their necks towards you, their loud sniff sniffings. Desperate to find out what you are but always just to nervous to let you get close. Walking a dog beside them always reminds me of a game we used to play as kids. One person stands a distance away with their back turned, everyone else has to creep up behind them. The person at the top can turn around anytime they want and if they see you moving you have to go back to the start. First to touch them on the shoulder wins! Just like this the cows follow the dog, when it turns the interested party behind stops and keeps still, the following continues when the dog turns back.
Yep - I love cows!!

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  1. My Mum once heard a strange sound late at night and when she looked out of her curtain a cow blew on the window and 'mooed' at the same time....she got the shock of her life...lol.....there was a heard from a nearby farm field on her front lawn that had to be sorted and put back in the field....I love cows too :-)


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