Tuesday, 1 June 2010

The Mystery Package

Several days ago we received one of those delightful "We're Sorry we missed you" notes through the letterbox. It was from a parcel courier company. For the life of us we couldn't think what we had ordered that would require courier delivery. Anyway we left the note outside asking for the box to be left in the sheds out the back when the called again. I returned home the following day to fine this mystery package......

It was addressed to me! I had not ordered anything this big (or heavy)! I checked it over and the outside didn't help, it was obviously a re-used box, I had definitely not ordered 12 Italian Style Ice-Cream Scoops! Checking the delivery label it said "Contents: 1001 products". I honestly thought to myself "They must be small to fit in that little box!" So, putting me out of my misery, I opened it up to discover.....

Ahhhh! 1001 products! Still didn't explain why I had them though, I had definitely not ordered them... There wasn't even any paperwork with them! Just a big box of cleaning products... was someone trying to tell me something! There was only one idea I could think of... I went and checked my email...

Sure enough, filed by my handy spam filter was an email stating "Congratulations! You are one of our six lucky winners!" I had entered a competition in a magazine a couple of months ago for cleaning products and some "Days Out" vouchers and this was the cleaning stuff arriving! The email told me to select what vouchers I wanted and let them know and they would forward them on! The email had arrived on the 12th of April! Pays to check your spam folder!


  1. It often pays not to check the spam folder as then you wouldn't have had a lovely surprise!!!

  2. What a nice surprise! So people do actually win these competitions then!


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