Saturday, 19 June 2010

Summer is Yellow

Summer has chosen it's colour this year and it appears to be Yellow, well definately on our hill anyway. There is a sea of buttercups stretching down from our veggie patch (which we are fighting to reclaim from said buttercups) and during the hot weather we have been having lately it is amazing to stand in the warmth, look down over the yellow, under the blue and listen to the Buzzzzz..

As you can see our veggie patch beds are most defintaley in amongst the flowers. Farm Mum, there, sporting fine gardening headwear, is doing her bit in the battle of Raspberries VS buttercups. The bed in the foreground is the potato/brussel sprout/carrot patch and so far is holding it's own against the weeds. The cycle of heavy rain followed by days of sun is doing wonders for everything growing - wanted or unwanted! I love the buttercups though, so although they will continue to encroach I got Farm Guy to only cut down paths to the flower beds and around them. Anyway, all those flowers will encourage a nice lot of bees and butterflies to the patches, that can't be bad! The photo below is pre-strimming hence why Farm Mum is disappearing amidst the weeds!
The potatoes are doing well. As you can see there are four varieties here. A salad, a first early, a second early and a main crop - mainly until we find out what is the best to grow on our hill. These little guys had done so well growing so big, I rewarded them by covering them over again! Plenty more growing to do guys!


  1. well it is a stunning view you have down your hill and I am sure you will have many more months of it and plenty of attractive wildlife to your garden!!

  2. great work you guys are doing. the farm is really inspiring. keep it up!


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