Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good Grief! Carrots!

I have never been able to grow carrots! Well, I can grow them but what I usually end up with is a whole lot of greenery and a little ping pong ball sized carrot attached to the end. So when we decided to 'bung a few carrots in' the end of the potato patch I was expecting much the same. So when we headed down just this last week and thought we should give pulling them up a go, and boy were we surprised!!! We pulled up about a quarter, maybe a third, of them and we got 1.123kg (2.5lbs)! Funkiest carrot goes to this guy!!

I spent the evening preparing them and the potatoes, peas and beans for the freezer. But what to do with all of the tops and tails? Most people put them on the compost heap, but we haven't yet set one up, so what to do with all this lot then?

Luckily for us we have the best clean up crew in the area!


  1. They are some great carrots...although this year has been a failure to many of my veg I have had some success with carrots too so I am very happy for both of us!!

  2. Our carrot tops tend to go to our goats - they love them!!


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