Thursday, 7 July 2011

Chicken Meet... Chicken

No pictures or anything exciting today.  Having MAJOR computer problems so this comes from my laptop!  Computer suddenly started running slow, then stopped altogether.  We replaced a part and it look fine for about 2 days then everything went wrong again.  Farm Guy is a computer dude so is trying to fix it, our dining room is full of various parts of computers, but we are awaiting the arrival of replacement parts so until then it is laptop all the way!

We decided to introduce the chickens with our new quartet.  They were only separated with a fence of stock wire and there had been no signs of any major aggression, even when they were all pecking around the fence at feeding times.  McNugget was also getting a little irritated that 'his' new ladies kept wandering off and he couldn't keep track of them.  So we took the plunge and opened the proverbial gate.  We stood back, not quite sure what to expecting but hoping it wouldn't have been a huge mistake and Chicken War wouldn't break out!

It was quite sad in a way, releasing the two into one.  Not for them, I am very glad they were getting out of their enclosure and getting to experience a proper free range life but for a while, having two runs took me back to my animal keeping life.  Working at the safari park we had over 120 odd animals in our little team's care.  Different feeds for all and a lot of fence climbing.  Two little pens of chickens, two pots of feed, climbing over the fence in mud covered wellies - gave me a sudden sense of deja vu - it was a nice and a sad moment, I really enjoyed that job.  I have to buy more animals!  It'd be therapeutic!

Anyway, back to the chickens.  There was no firework displays and beyond a couple of 'get out of my face' pecks no real aggression.  McNugget couldn't care less, he just marched around looking very pleased with himself.  Since the introduction some of our ladies have taken him under their wing and have been showing him around the farm.  For the others, the novelty of a cockerel seems to have now worn off a few of the girls and they no longer hang to close around him, but he doesn't seem to mind at all, he just sticks with the few who do love him!  

We have had a few doodling moments from him but nothing that will drive any neighbours mad, and we are in a farming area anyway, and often hear the doodling of a nearby cockerel wafting in on the breeze.  We can now just return fire!

Our girls are still laying well, 4 a day, but no sign of the new three laying.  However, after the near two weeks it took the browns to start laying I am not in any hurry for these girls, they can lay when they lay.

Just a short update today.  Hopefully normal service will be resumed in a few days and I can post Realising the Dream's second ever video - the Chicken's Meet!!

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  1. Glad the introductions went well....chickens can be such peculiar creatures....I know someone who still has to keep her new chickens split from the old....which make it harder work all round!!


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