Sunday, 18 October 2009

Want To See My New Kitchen?

Want to see my new kitchen? It was delivered last Monday. Well, here it is:
Yep. All those boxes stacked up in the garage! Just behind the work bench there... that's the kitchen sink!! Although none of the electrics or the plumbing has been done in the kitchen we couldn't resist putting one of the units together..

Its flat pack - give me an "Oh Yeah!". It took us perhaps and hour to do the first unit. Hopefully we will get faster as we get the hang of the process. Looks like we know what we're doing doesn't it? Well, we managed to glue it in wrong twice, but managed to sort it out before the glue dried! Well, you've got to have a practice one don't you!

Finished base unit. This one'll have one shelf in it when it is finally in place. There will be double doors on it, but apparently they are best put on after the unit is in place.


  1. really do need to wait until it's in place before you hang the doors as a slight difference in floor depth makes them all scoo whiff!!! Good luck with the rest!!!!

  2. Yep, it will get easier as you go and get the hang of it. ;-) Going to be a nice kitchen!


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