Friday, 2 October 2009

Ahhh.. To Be Famous... At Least in Cartoon Form!

Do you all remember Monty? The upside down cat?

Well, my friend and collegue James has made Monty a star! James is a great artist and his latest series of cartoons involve cats, cats in many forms! He was looking for models and I offered up Monty as he posed so well in his last entry HERE.

Monty's cartoon went online today. Yes, it is his 15 minutes of Fame!! Go and check it out he is very proud of his new found stardom Monty - in Cartoon Form! I think it looks great, say "Hi" too, while your there!!

James has also cornered the market on cartoons about Sheep and Aardvarks. Check it out here:

And while we are at it, James has written a book too! It's here - Silly Beggar


  1. Monty looked adorable...your friend did a good job...I like to think of him more more as Poirot than Charlie Chaplin although Hitler did jump to my mind

  2. LOL I hadn't thought of Poirot! The Cat Comic is going to be featuring our other cats soon too, i'll keep people posted!!


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