Sunday, 25 October 2009

What Could It Mean?

To the lay-man this appears to be a photo of a light switch...

In fact it is a photo of a light switch, but it is also a photo of great meaning and significance. The electrician finished his work! We now have a completely re-wired house, an outside socket, three new outside lights and two new consumer units (fuse boxes). Plus all new light fittings, switches and sockets! The biggest job of the house refit has been completed! And what a weight of our minds.

With this done, the wood work guys (ones treating for woodworm and wet rot) have only one day left (tomorrow) until they are finished and the plumber to do his 4 day job (starting tomorrow as well) and all the tradesmen will have finished. So hopefully by the end of this week we should have a bathroom and a set of plumbed in kitchen appliances!

Want to see more of the kitchen? Well...

These are a couple of wall units.

Here is the one and only set of drawers - with soft close function - Oh Yes!

And how many people does it take to put these things together, that's right, 3, and one to take the photo!

And the finished cupboards (some of them anyway) roughly where they will be going when the kitchen is done. The big white things on the right being used as tables - washing machine and tumble dryer - also where they will be in the finished room!

So, things are coming together. I have more news but I shall let these words of enlightenment sink in first!!

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  1. glad everything is on schedule...can't wait to see the finished kitchen!!!


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